Live at El Morocco
Happy Birthday Stuart!
At Shutters Cafe
Bat Mitzvah flight Lessons                                                 At the Grille, NYC
Needed at a new Nursing Home!                     Esma's Candy-Cane Costume                          Candles R' Us
Esma and the Partyettes!
Just in time for Christmas... The perfect Candy Cane
Taking it to Tapas - City Island, NY
Esma sings for "Santa Baby" at theLafayette Griille, NYC
Turquoise at "Turquoise"                               Special Appearance At "Azza
Habibi Party - NYC
Kids r' Es                                                  Happy Birthday!                                                     Adding Light to the party!
Eye Candy
A Grande Entrance
"I'm just getting started"
A Pretty - in - Pink Suare
Duty Calls!